No More Football – Now What?

Our professional football teams are done, so what can we do to get us through?

Oh My Goodness!  Football is over!  Well, OK, it is not technically over, but if you are a fan of the local teams it is.  With the Giants limping home yesterday, joining the Jets and Patriots on the golf course, where does that leave the local sports fan needing to fill that hunger?

Well, lucky for us, our lovely little state offers a plethora of possibilities if we just open our eyes.


First off, we can really start paying attention to the #1 ranked UConn women and the soon-to-be #3 UConn Men. Both are coming off great weekends and are primed for a lot more basketball, perhaps into April. Also, don't forget about Jen Rizzoti's Hartford Hawks. After enduring a brutal early season schedule, they look to once again dominate the America East and make a run into March.

If the college game isn't your thing, move on north to Beantown and the defending NBA champs. Maybe you have frowned on the NBA in the past, but come on back and give the Celtics a shot. They play a great brand of hoops, and if you have the opportunity to see a game live, go!  It's a blast.


Maybe you like your playing surface a little slicker. The Hartford Wolfpack are once again one of the more competitive teams in the AHL.  Tickets are cheap, the seats are good, and if you have young kids, the team puts on a good show for them. Plus, what's better after a nice hockey game than hitting up one of the great bars in our capital city.

Perhaps you prefer something a little bit more local. I recommend you take a night and go check out your local high school teams. Not only is it a great way to see sports on the cheap, but it supports your local community and in these times, what better place to spend some money. The Connecticut Association of Schools, Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Web site has the schedules.

Go  play in snow - or on ice

Are you hearing, "Hey, I'm sick of spending my time inside. I wanna get out!"  Well, now that a majority of college kids head back this week, head out to the slopes. Connecticut and Southern Mass. have a ton of great mountains. They are all a short drive for a nice mid-week getaway. The Web site for New England Travel Planner offers links to nearby hills. I, for one, can't wait to strap on my sticks and head to the hills again.

Well, it has been cold enough, and if you are into it, head out to the nearest pond for a little pond hockey (please, please please, check the thickness first though!!!!) Some of my best winter memories are of getting back from school and heading out onto the ice for the rest of the day, just skating with my friends. 

So sports fans, no need to be all depressed and upset. Look at it as a reawakening to winter sports. The time to put football behind us and embrace what our great state can offer. Or you can be like me and continue to count the days until Spring Training. BTW, it is a month from today!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!

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