Players Embrace Cochran’s Mullet

NBC Connecticut

The Huskies' 2014 season begins in earnest Friday when BYU comes to Rentschler Field and quarterback Casey Cochran will be under center when the offense takes the field for the first time. Check that: Casey Cochran and his mullet and his pencil-thin mustache will be under center.

Not surprisingly, Cochran's choice of hairstyle and facial hair hasn't gone unnoticed. We mentioned it last week and Cochran's teammates have even been asked about it.

"Oh, yeah," senior cornerback Byron Jones said via the Hartford Courant. "It's impressive. We all love that mullet. He has got that little mustache, too, and I'm not sure you guys have caught on to that. It's very skinny and small."

"The mullet is something unique to Casey," junior linebacker Marquise Vann added. "Rally around it? You know what, I think we can."

And senior wideout Geremy Davis said, "He's telling me I should braid my hair into a mullet deal, too. I just don't think it's my style."

Cochran, meanwhile, says his look is a combination of the looks his parents sported back in the day.

"I didn't really put too much thought in it," Cochran said. "I wasn't trying to get in what came out of it. My hair grows pretty slowly so it's been probably eight months or so for it to come in.

"My mom [Shannon] had one in the '80s. My dad had an Afro when he was in high school, so I may have just blended it."

Luckily, coach Bob Diaco didn't put much stock in appearances when he settled on a starter.

"Casey is intangibly gifted, a top-flight leader, almost a natural-born leader," the first-year coach said. "He has got it in his DNA. I didn't watch him when he was 8, but he probably took over whatever Pop Warner club he was driving."

And now he's been given the keys to the Huskies' offense.

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