Reminder: Puck Daddy at the NHL All-Star Game in Montreal

Hey, if the NHL All-Star Game was good enough for Dale Hunter back in 1997, it's good enough for us. We're going to be up in Montreal beginning on Friday, applying our particular brand of whimsy to the all-star festivities.

At best, this means interesting interviews and video coverage; snarky on-site observations during the game and the skills competition; and our usual stupid questions interactions with players and fans.

At worst, it'll mean a cluster-eff of Internet malfunctions that serve as the catalyst for a multi-day descent into a whiskey haze and crying fits (a.k.a. "the draft").

We've got some really fun all-star related stuff planned for the next few days, along with minor league malarkey, puck headlines and an exclusive look at a new film about hockey fans that'll hit the site on Friday. (Do check it out.)

If you're up in Montreal for the game, hit me on e-mail and so I can watch you buy me a beer. 

Thanks again for reading, and please join us for what'll be a memorable weekend ... well, unless you're a Red Wings fan. Or a Sidney Crosby fan, as the Kid is out of the ASG and the Breakaway Challenge. Bummer.

Evening Headlines to follow ...

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