CT Teacher Survey 2019: Classroom Spending - NBC Connecticut

CT Teacher Survey 2019: Classroom Spending



    NBC Connecticut Investigates is looking into how much money Connecticut teachers spend out of their own pockets to buy and provide supplies for their classrooms. We would love to hear from you!

    You don’t have to give us your name, and we won’t reveal any personal identifiable information, unless you grant permission for us to do so.

    If you’re a teacher, please take this survey and consider sharing it with other educators you know, so we can gather the best possible information. Thank you for taking part!

    1.How much of your money would you estimate you’ve spent on supplies for your classroom or students for this school year? *
    Less than $100
    $100 - $300
    More than $300
    2.How much do you expect to spend in total by the end of this school year?*
    Less than $100
    $100 - $300
    $300 - $500
    $500 - $1,000
    More than $1,000
    3.What level of school do you teach? *
    4.What types of traditional supplies have you purchased?*
    5.What types of nontraditional supplies have you purchased for your classroom?*
    6.What type of financial support and/or reimbursement does your school or school district provide to help assist you in reducing your out-of-pocket costs?*
    7.What school district do you work in?*
    8.Do you have an additional job (or jobs) outside of your role as an educator? If so, what is the occupation?*
    9.If you do have an additional job (or jobs), is it to supplement your teaching income? *
    10.Do you feel that your compensation as a teacher is sufficient? Why or why not?*
    11.Is there anything else NBC Connecticut Investigates should be checking out in your school?
    12.What is your name, and how can we contact you?
    Phone number
    Email address