• Donald Trump Nov 14, 2019

    Health Dangers Emerge at Growing Migrant Camp on US Border

    A smoke-filled stench fills a refugee camp just a short walk from the U.S.-Mexico border, rising from ever-burning fires and piles of human waste. Parents and children live in a sea of tents and tarps, some patched together with garbage bags. Others sleep outside in temperatures that recently dropped to freezing. Justina, an asylum seeker who fled political persecution in...

  • Los Angeles Oct 20, 2019

    Where You Die Can Affect Your Chance of Being an Organ Donor

    One man’s case illustrates troubling uncertainty in a transplant system run by government contractors that are under fire for letting potentially usable organs go to waste. The Associated Press took a close look at that system and calculated that some of those agencies are securing deceased donors at half the rate of others — even as 113,000 people linger on...

  • Donald Trump Sep 29, 2019

    Can Washington Deliver on Drug Costs Amid Impeachment Probe?

    Major legislation to reduce prescription drug costs for millions of people may get sidelined now that House Democrats have begun an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Proposals had been moving in Congress, but there are more ways for the process to break down than to succeed. Still, nobody says they’re giving up.

  • Europe Sep 25, 2019

    Brain Exams Aim to Predict Who Is at Risk of Committing Murder

    Cutting-edge research is revealing new ways to potentially prevent violent acts, including mass shootings, years before the thought of violence ever crosses the minds of murderers. A study of roughly 1,000 prisoners revealed across-the-board brain abnormalities in those who committed homicide, leading researchers to believe such behavior, if identified early enough, can be quashed with therapy and medication.

  • Donald Trump Aug 18, 2019

    Trump Wields Sanctions Hammer; Experts Wonder to What End

    Call it the diplomacy of coercion. The Trump administration is aggressively pursuing economic sanctions as a primary foreign policy tool to an extent unseen in decades, or perhaps ever. Many are questioning the results even as officials insist the penalties are achieving their aims. Since taking office in January 2017, President Donald Trump has used an array of new and...

  • Department of Justice Aug 6, 2019

    Louisiana Launching Medical Marijuana After Years of Waiting

    Louisiana is becoming the first Deep South state to dispense medical marijuana on Tuesday, four years after state lawmakers agreed to give patients access to therapeutic cannabis. Nine pharmacies are licensed to dispense medical marijuana across Louisiana and most are expected to open this week. Louisiana joins more than 30 other states that allow medical marijuana in some form. And...

  • disease Jul 14, 2019

    A Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's

    A healthy lifestyle can cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia even if you have genes that raise your risk for these mind-destroying diseases, a large study has found.

  • Minnesota May 14, 2019

    Cells That Refuse to Die May Play Role in Bodies Aging

    Call them zombie cells — they refuse to die. As they build up in your body, studies suggest, they promote aging and the conditions that come with it like osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers are studying drugs that can kill zombie cells and possibly treat the problems they bring. Basically the goal is to fight aging itself, which hopefully will...

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention May 13, 2019

    New York Has Stunning 82 Percent of America's Measles Cases as Outbreak Total Soars to 839

    Nearly 100 more measles cases have been reported across the nation since last week, marking a 10 percent increase in total cases as the number in the U.S.’ worst outbreak in decades eclipses the 800 mark, officials said Monday.

  • New York May 6, 2019

    US Measles Count Soars to 764, Driven by New York Outbreaks

    Five dozen more measles cases have been reported across the nation, an 8 percent increase over the prior week as the case total in the U.S.’ worst outbreak in decades edges closer to a stunning 800, officials said Monday.

  • Canada Apr 1, 2019

    Federal Study Gives New Options for People With Rare Cancers

    People with rare cancers have been out of luck — not only do most lack good treatments but drug companies also don’t pursue them because of small potential sales. Now, a federal study that pools these folks gives them strength in numbers and new options. The first results from this novel effort were revealed at an American Association for Cancer...

  • New Jersey Apr 1, 2019

    US Measles Cases Surpass Last Year's Total in Just Three Months as Outbreaks Spread Across Four States

    Measles continues to spread across the U.S. with outbreaks in four states infecting more people in the first three months of 2019 than all of last year, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has confirmed 387 cases across 15 states from Jan. 1 through March 28, compared with 372 cases all last...

  • Veterans Sep 16, 2020

    From Service to Sick: The Effects of Veterans' Exposure to Burn Pits

    Tens of thousands of veterans and service members stationed at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan say exposure to trash fires or “burn pits” has left them with breathing problems and other chronic illnesses, including cancer. They are fighting for health benefits, but say the United States Department of Veterans Affairs is turning its back on them. Veterans say everything...

  • Cancer Mar 4, 2019

    New Ways of Studying Individual Cells Offer Scientific ‘Breakthrough'

    Until recently, trying to study key traits of cells from people and other animals often meant analyzing bulk samples of tissue, producing a mushed-up average of results from many cell types. It was like trying to learn about a banana by studying a strawberry-blueberry-orange-banana smoothie. In recent years, however, scientists have developed techniques that let them directly study the DNA...

  • United States Mar 1, 2019

    What to Know Before Taking a DNA Health Test

    Home DNA kits can now test for some life-threatening diseases, but they also have limitations. News4’s Doreen Gentzler explains what you should consider before taking one.

  • Donald Trump Feb 26, 2019

    Senators Draw on Own Experiences to Chastise Drug Companies

    Drawing from their personal experiences, senators on Tuesday chastised drug company executives over the high cost of prescription drugs, as the company officials cautioned that heavy-handed congressional action could jeopardize medical breakthroughs going forward. Tuesday’s Senate Finance Committee hearing marked the first time lawmakers have called the industry’s top executives to account for rising prices, which are a drain on...

  • United States Feb 20, 2019

    Company Halts Infusions of Young People's Blood Plasma After FDA Warning

    The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers on Tuesday that there’s no proof that blood plasma infusions from younger donors can treat diseases, prompting one company that charges thousands of dollars for the service to halt the treatments, NBC News reported. The company, Ambrosia, wrote in a statement on its website that it had “ceased patient treatments.” It has been...

  • NBC News Feb 11, 2019

    FDA Cracks Down on Illegal Marketing of Dietary Supplements

    Federal officials are sending warning letters and advisories to manufacturers of supplements which claim the products can treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes, NBC News reported. Among the products hit with warnings for illegal marketing are fish oil, green tea extracts and melatonin. See the full list here. The crackdown from the the Food and Drug Administration comes as...

  • Arizona Feb 7, 2019

    Tests Suggest Scientists Achieved 1st Gene Editing in the Body

    Scientists think they have achieved the first gene editing inside the body, altering DNA in adults to try to treat a disease, although it’s too soon to know if this will help. Preliminary results suggest that two men with a rare disorder now have a corrective gene at very low levels, which may not be enough to make the therapy...

  • Donald Trump Dec 12, 2018

    Fact Check: A Look at the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer Scuffle

    In a contentious Oval Office meeting, President Donald Trump and the Democratic congressional leaders — Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer — disagreed over funding for a border wall, mangling some facts in the process.

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