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Brussels Sprouts with Pecans



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    1 pound Brussels sprouts
    4 Tbsp. Butter
    2, sliced Shallots
    3 cloves, sliced Garlic
    ½ cup, chopped Pecans
    Salt & pepper to taste

    For the Brussels Sprouts:
    Remove the discolored outside leaves and with a paring knife score an X into the base of each Brussels sprout about ½ inch deep.
    Par boil the Brussels sprouts in salted water until just softened. Drop them into ice water to stop the cooking, drain and reserve.

    In a sauté pan, heat the butter, add the shallots and garlic and briefly cook over medium heat (approx. 2 minutes) until tender.
    Add the pecans and continue to cook another minute or so until well-colored.
    Add the Brussels sprouts, coating them with the mixture and heating them through. Season with salt and pepper and serve.