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Weekend Auction's an Antique Lover's Dream



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    This historic Litchfield property is going on the auction block.

    If you are a lover of antiques, then you’ve probably heard of the Historic Trowbridge-Thoms House and of longtime antiques dealer Thomas McBride.

    McBride is retiring and the house, a circa 1830 Greek Revival-style home, its contents and the adjacent barn are going on the auction block on Saturday, June 5.

    "At age 81, Mr. McBride has made the decision to retire, creating a rare opportunity for collectors looking to add quality merchandise to their collections and anyone looking to buy a beautiful and historic home," Mary Helen Levine said in a news release.

    There will be about 1,000 antique items and the sale starts at 12:30 p.m.

    You could expect to see furniture, mostly American, but some French and English pieces, artwork by Ronald Lee Anderson, vintage lamps, antique clocks, glass and china.

    The house has a history as rich as the antiques.

    The house was built by Henry Trowbridge, a tanner, and his son inherited the property and later sold it to a Mr. and Mrs. Thoms in 1927, who operated the barn as an antiques shop.

    In the early 1930s, the Thoms family used the barn as a small bar and restaurant called The Canteen.

    McBride bought the home in 1960.

    You’ll find the catalog here.