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Family of Kidnapped Man Speak Out



    (Published Monday, Sept. 9, 2013)

    Christopher "TJ" Jefferson was kidnapped and murdered last week and his family is now grieving the second murder of a relative in three months.

    "Why would you do that? Why would you kill my brother," Ancilla Herrera, Jefferson's sister, asked.

    With her two daughters and close friends, Herrera sat near where her younger brother was kidnapped on Bond Street in Hartford Thursday afternoon.

    "They told him to meet him over there and just took off with him. I don't know. It's senseless," said Herrera.

    Portland Police found 26-year-old Jefferson dumped along the side of the road, beaten and shot. He later died from his injuries.

    No arrests have been made.

    "You didn't have to kill him. He didn't bother nobody; like that for people to just kill him," said Herrera. "Whoever you are, just turn yourself in. Just turn yourself in."

    For the family, this is the second murder to hit them in three months.

    "My sister Georgette was murdered in New Haven a few months ago," said Herrera.

    Forty-year-old Georgette "Candi" Alston died on June 3 when authorities say her boyfriend, Frank Moore, beat Alston and then set their third-floor apartment on fire with her still inside.

    Moore has been charged with her murder.

    NBC Connecticut asked Hartford Police if these two cases are connected but were told authorities are not releasing any details right now regarding motive for Jefferson's murder.

    "It's traumatic. It's traumatic," said Herrera.

    As the memorial for Jefferson on Bond Street grows, all his family can pray for now is that his killers are found.

    "I love my brother. I care about my brother," said Herrera. "We want justice for my brother."

    A vigil for Jefferson takes place Tuesday at 6pm at the site of the memorial on Bond Street in Hartford. The family is asking anyone who can to make a monetary donation to help them cover funeral costs.