Local Apparel Shop Rushes to Produce Red Sox World Series Shirts | NBC Connecticut

Local Apparel Shop Rushes to Produce Red Sox World Series Shirts



    A Guilford company is making Red Sox World Series win t-shirts.

    The quest for World Series gear begins and that meant an early morning for employees of a Guilford apparel shop who have been making Red Sox World Series champions shirts. 

    Last night, for the first time in 95 years, the Red Sox clinched the World Series at home in Fenway Park and fans are lining up for championship shirts, hats and more.

    Employees at Zuse Clothing in Guilford woke up extra early to make the T-shirts.

    "We’re set to go," Ted Zuse said.

    Just moments after the Red Sox won last night, staff members got to work.
    "It's great to be a part of all of this. Great production and good for our business," Natalia Duque said.

    Managers at the local apparel company said they expect to ship nearly 10,000 T-shirts to various retailers by the end of the day.

    "It's a sprint to the finish line,” Jesse Mahon, of the sales department, said. “Ten thousand shirts as fast as you can get them on and off."

    The Red Sox World Series championship t-shirts start out as a blank slate, then the design is printed on, the shirts are sent through this huge dryer, stamped, folded and boxed away for shipping.

    Staff members expect to produce even more Red Sox shirts over the coming weeks as the demand grows.