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Learning That Less is More



    SIMPLY CHIC: We're simple gals, we like simple things. A soft spot for a great pair of blue jeans or perfect fitting T-shirt can often lead us to overbuy, so we tend to look for products that add an extra touch of luxury (say, dual-stretch shape retaining Turkish denim or plush pima cotton) into the mix. That's why we've fallen in love with the Marais Classic Oxford shoes. Marais USA, named after the Parisian district of Le Marais, creates simple classic footwear in rich covetable colors with minimalist detailing and clean shapes for always reasonable price points. What's so special about their Classic Oxford? They knock the formality of the shoe down a few levels by offering it in soft canvas, but amp up the luxe factory by binding the many folds in silk satin, all for under $100.

    BUY IT: Find at Tracy B on Chapel Street in New Haven for $88 or order online through their new e-commerce Web site.