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Connecticut in Color: Local Author Thrives While Living With Autism

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If you’ve ever needed an example of a young person not letting a label define them, look no further than Chase Taylor.

He’s the creator of The Letter Critters, an illustrated book series about a group of woodland animals that represent the alphabet while helping children learn.

“They're animals that kids adore, like squirrels and bears. I can entertain kids and teach them about the alphabet in fun way.”

Chase has written four books in the series since 2016. It all began when his mom realized he had a fascination with letters. She was chief technology officer at a software firm and helped Chase find the tools illustrate his ideas.

Diagnosed with autism when he was three years-old, Chase's parents, Helen and Al Taylor, say they raised him with a mind toward independence and making sure he had a means to support himself as an adult while living a purposeful life.

“I saw him drawing these characters of letters. And I said, 'those look really nice. Are you ready to write a book now? You said, 'Sure.' I said, Well, here's the software you need. I said, there you go.' That's what he did,” Helen said.

“It's just pride and joy. To see him grow. He's proven that it can be done. With great direction, and advice, and guidance, and consulting, anything is possible” Al said.

And Chase has made lots possible in his 23 years.

Along with producing The Letter Critters, he’s a student at Central Connecticut State University, where he studies digital design. He’s also created a special community of other young adults living with autism called The Social Chase. Their conversations about a wide range of issues that impact us all is the source of a show filmed in Connecticut.

Chase says he hopes that others people living with autism can learn from him.

"It doesn't matter. They have autism. They can still do what other people could do," Chase said.

Chase’s ultimate dream is for The Letter Critters to be turned into a full length, animated cartoon series that can be watched on television and streamed around the country.

You can learn more about The Letter Critters and Chase Taylor here.

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