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Celeb Attorney Calls out Whoopi for Support of Mel Gibson



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    Gloria Allred, the high-profile attorney who represented Tiger Wood's mistress Rachel Uchitel and the family of Nicole Brown during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, isn't letting Whoopi Goldberg's support for Mel Gibson go unquestioned. 

    In an open letter posted to Radar Online, Allred questioned the "View" host's public defense of the fallen action star in the wake of the release of a series of damaging audio tapes publicized by Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend.

    The missive focuses on why Grigorieva didn't go to the police after she was allegedly assaulted, a point that Goldberg made in a recent interview.

    "Whoopi, the answer is that there are many reasons that women who have been battered do not immediately go to the police," she wrote in the message.

    Allred pointed to several reasons for that, among them feelings of shock and financial dependence. But she argued that those were beside the point.

    "Whoopi, as we say in the domestic violence movement, there is no excuse for abuse," the letter continues. "To that I will add there is also no excuse for others who do know know all of the facts to join in with a verbal attack on a victim," she wrote.

    The letter closed with an appeal for Goldberg to use her status and visibility to further efforts to end domestic violence.

    "Please help us to end violence against women and children by supporting women in these complicated situations in the future. You have a daughter and a granddaughter. We need you on the side of the victims."