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Will Ferrell Helps Cop Hurt On Movie Set

"I'll take 'Head Injuries' for $100, Trebek."



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    Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell goof off on location for The Other Guys on the streets of Manhattan Sept. 23. Ferrell recently assisted a police officer injured while filming a scene at Green-Wood Cemetery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

    Will Ferrell embodied many characters during his seven-year tenure on SNL but during filming of his upcoming movie, "The Other Guys," he played a new role: nurse.

    While filming a funeral scene at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, a heavy branch fell off a tree and hit a cop playing the bagpipes on the head. Ferrell rushed to his aid and helped keep the man calm before medics arrived, the New York Post reports.

    "That's gotta hurt!" he jokingly told the officer.

    Retired Detective Daniel Sprague, an 18-year veteran from Long Island, received four stitches at Lutheran Medical Center.

    "The Other Guys" is scheduled for release next August and also stars Mark Walhberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Eva Mendes and Michael Keaton according to IMDB.com.