LEGO-Themed House in Wis. Finds Buyer: See the Home's Colorful Interior

From the living room to the bathrooms and even the basement, LEGOs can be found all throughout the residence.

Alissa Traughber/HAPI Photography

An incredibly unique home recently listed for sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has found a buyer.

Located at 7003 61st Ave., the 2,132-square-foot ranch features a gray exterior, like some other homes in the same neighborhood. But inside, it's where things change.

The home may best be described as a LEGO fanatic's dream. From the living room to the bathrooms and even the basement, the colorful plastic bricks can be found all throughout the residence.

For Jameson Gagnepain, who currently owns the house with his wife, Amy, his fascination with LEGOs began way before the home became part of their lives. The Gagnepains purchased the house in 2010, and completed many renovations over the years, Jameson said.

But the theming didn't begin right away.

As Jameson, vice president of the Kenosha LEGO Users Group, explained, the LEGO-centered projects took place gradually. The most detailed of them all is the kitchen, which includes a colorful backsplash that consists of more than 4,000 pieces, mainly 1x4 LEGO bricks.

LEGO-Themed House in Kenosha Finds Buyer: See the Home's Colorful Interior

The backsplash, Jameson said, was a project he conquered along with his oldest nephew. Also in the kitchen, there's a shelf that bears figurine heads of various sizes.

In the living room, visitors are greeted by a one-of-a-kind mural featuring mountains, green space, a small town center, and of course, painted LEGOs, which serve as a border of sorts. The mural, Jameson explained, was created by his brother, Joseph, who is an artist.

Inside one of the bathrooms is a shower curtain with hundreds of blue, red, yellow and green LEGO bricks. The theming stretches way beyond the curtain, however. The bathroom also includes a vase and flowers made up of LEGO bricks and even a toilet paper holder with a LEGO figurine.

Touches of the theming can be found in nearly every corner of the home, even below ground. The walls of each basement room are painted in LEGO colors. To get the colors just right, Jameson said when buying paint, he brought LEGO pieces to the hardware store to color match.

The house, which boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, was listed by agent Alissa Traughber with RE/MAX Newport Elite for $250,000, according to Zillow. Traughber told NBC 5 the home received a total of seven offers, and the offer that was accepted was over asking price.

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