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Connecticut Auditors Give UConn 'Needs Improvement' Grade

Report cites issues with computer network and more



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    State auditors say the University of Connecticut needs to get its house in order when it comes to its computer network, performance bonuses and other issues.

    A 36-page audit dings the university in several areas. It criticizes a $200 million loan for the UConn Health Center that UConn says it will now try to refinance.

    Auditors have concerns about UConn's ability to recover its computer network in a disaster. The university says it has purchased, and is testing a backup system, but auditors want a detailed disaster plan in writing.

    Furthermore, the audit criticizes UConn for paying almost $100,000 for performance bonuses in one department with little documentation or criteria for how people get the money.

    The university says it will have guidelines going forward.

    In addition, auditors called out UConn for not having supervisors review credit card purchases by employees who are buying things for the university.

    UConn insists it has a system in place that works, even though supervisors are not always the ones reviewing the purchases.

    You can see the full UConn audit here.

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