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Crumbling Foundations Story List



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    Since last year the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters have uncovered a serious problem with crumbling foundations in homes in Northeast Connecticut.  

    Here is a list of links to the stories:

    Crumbling Foundations

    Crumbling Foundations: Governor Says State Is Monitoring Issue

    Crumbling Foundations: Number of Affected Homeowners Growing

    Crumbling Foundations: Emails Reveal State Was Aware in 2008

    Crumbling Foundations: Coverage for Failing Foundations Rare

    Crumbling Foundations: Concrete Company Caught on Campus, Despite UConn Denials

    Crumbling Foundations: State DOT Says No Bridges Affected by Failing Concrete

    Crumbling Foundations: DCP Sends Advisory to Home Inspectors, Realtors

    Crumbling Foundations: Governor Asks Attorney General to Assist With Investigation

    Crumbling Foundations: Former Lawmaker Called for Attorney General Investigation in 2002

    Crumbling Foundations: Town Manager Wants State Task Force to Tackle 'Growing Crisis'

    Crumbling Foundations: Blumenthal Says, 'I Didn't Know Then What We Know Now'

    Crumbling Foundations: Towns Fear Fallout if No Government Action Taken

    Crumbling Foundations: Repair, Replace or Walk Away?

    Crumbling Foundations: Concrete Company Tells Its Side

    Crumbling Foundations: Homeowners Say Mottes Interview Raises More Questions

    State Warns Insurance Companies Not to Cancel Policies Over Foundation Problems

    Condo Owners Share Pain of Crumbling Foundations

    Realtors Ask For Help Dealing With Crumbling Foundations Problem

    Disclosure to Protect Realtors From Crumbling Foundation Liability

    Crumbling Foundations: Homeowners Hope for Strength in Numbers

    Crumbling Foundations: Hundreds of Homeowners Pack Foundation Meeting

    Crumbling Foundations: South Windsor Resolution Would Prohibit JJ Mottes Concrete Until State Probe Completed

    Failing Foundation Leaves Stafford Woman With Few Options

    Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations Sue Insurers

    Public Hearing Today on Bill Tackling Crumbling Foundations Problem

    Deal Could Help Homeowners Pay to Fix Crumbling Foundations

    State Won't Sue Companies Over Crumbling Foundations

    Gov. Malloy Calls on FEMA to Help With Crumbling Foundations

    Scientific Reports Find Pyrrhotite a ‘Contributing Factor’ to Crumbling Concrete Issue

    FEMA Rejects Request to Investigate Crumbling Foundations