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New Documents Linked to Trinity College Collapse Released

Troubleshooters Obtain Trinity Deck Documents

(Published Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016)

New documents linked to the Trinity College porch collapse obtained by the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters reveal the building's safety violations.

More than two dozen Trinity College students were sent to the hospital with broken bones and other injuries after a deck collapsed during an off-campus party on Saturday night.

The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters were able to obtain the first glimpse of a violation report filled out by City of Hartford inspectors within minutes of that terrifying rear porch collapse at 1713-1715 Broad St.  

The third-floor balcony was “pancaked” onto the second floor balcony before crashing to the ground, according to city officials.

Both balconies were filled with students.

At 11:26 p.m. Saturday night, minutes after the collapse, city officials cited "violations and unsafe structures and equipment."

Inspector P. Looney noted, “The second and third floor are not protected from opening at this time."  

The action needed to resolve the issue is to "make application for removal or reconstruction of exterior rear porches. Do not start any work until permits are applied for and issued immediately, secure second and third floor rear exterior doors to prevent use at this time."

On Wednesday, Trinity school officials confirmed SML Real Estate Inc. is the property manager.

A statement from their attorney says, "SML Real Estate Inc. has contracted with Trinity College for many years to provide safe and affordable rental services and routine maintenance of numerous off campus properties owned by the college. The company does not provide nor contract for structural inspections and improvements to those buildings."

NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters learned the City of Hartford has no documents indicating there were ever any decks installed on the property but it's unclear when the decks were put up. 

Trinity College released this update at on Wednesday afternoon: 

"Trinity College is investigating the cause of the accident, and we are working with structural engineers and claims adjusters who are on campus over the next few days to evaluate the safety of all college-owned properties in which our community members are living. The property manager, David Lemkuil of SML Real Estate, Inc., is working with the college to assess the situation. Given the level of due diligence necessary to conduct a thorough review, we expect to receive additional information within the next two to three weeks.

"Our priority continues to be the needs of our students and our faculty will continue to be as supportive as possible in making accommodations for students with issues directly impacting their academic work including physical injuries, concussions, and emotional needs."