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Former East Windsor Officer Gets Disability Retirement

Sgt. David McNeice’s termination has been reversed.

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An East Windsor police officer that was originally fired for arresting a fleeing suspect across the state line in Massachusetts has been allowed to resign instead.

This case appeared like it was heading to arbitration, then both sides agreed to a compromise at the last minute.

It has been hard to forget the case of then-Sergeant David McNeice, the officer fired for driving his cruiser into Massachusetts at speeds topping 100 miles per hour last year, and arresting a suspect over the state line.

McNeice insisted what he did was proper and his termination was reversed by the town. He objected to his firing and filed a grievance. The town elected to go to arbitration.

Then, shortly before the hearing, McNeice and the town settled.

Instead of being fired, McNeice has received a disability retirement in exchange for releasing all claims against the town.

The veteran officer’s wife told NBC Connecticut Investigates, “…in order to avoid arbitration, which they knew they would lose due to our overwhelming evidence of retaliation in the workplace, Dave’s termination was rescinded. He could have gone back to his job, but due to the harassment he was experiencing, our lawyer negotiated a deal for Dave to take early retirement.”

McNeice served the town as an officer for 16 years. Normal retirement for East Windsor officers occurs at 25 years.

The East Windsor Police Department terminated a 17-year veteran of their force after his actions while responding to a call led to a police pursuit and an arrest over the state border.

The town of East Windsor did confirm there was a settlement. Officials declined to comment on the McNeice assertion, or the case as a whole.

The settlement does say on page five, “just because you and the town are entering into this agreement and the town is paying you money, no party is admitting that [it] …has done anything wrong.”

While McNeice is now retired instead of fired, the settlement didn’t increase his pension. The department is referring him to a state panel to consider removing his police officer certification.

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