Report Shows Former Memphis Officer With CT Ties Hit Tyre Nichols With Baton

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New information has been released about former Connecticut residents and Memphis police officer Desmond Mills Jr.'s alleged role in the beating of Tyre Nichols.

A police report obtained by the New York Times said Mills, who graduated from Bloomfield High School in 2008, hit Nichols with a baton. Videos released on Memphis Police Friday appear to confirm this.

Nichols died of his injuries in early January after a Memphis police traffic stop.

The video is available here. Warning: It shows graphic violence that could be disturbing.

The Memphis Police Department released the video Friday. It includes police body cam footage and footage from a surveillance camera on a pole.

Four videos released by Memphis Police show Nichols being punched, pepper-sprayed and hit with a baton on Jan. 7.

An NBC Connecticut analysis of those videos show that Mills was the officer with a baton who hit Nichols. In one of the released videos, he can be seen hitting Nichols with a baton while he's on the ground surrounded by other officers.

In a statement after the videos were released, Mills' attorney Blake Ballin said, "We are confident that the questions of whether Desmond crossed the lines that others crossed and whether he committed the crimes charged will be answered with a resounding no."

The video indicating that Mills is the officer hitting Nichols with a baton aligns with a leaked police report referenced in the New York Times.

While NBC Connecticut has not been able to independently verify the police report, the Memphis DA's Office did confirm they are familiar with the information within the report.

The report leaked online says "Mills deployed his department-issued ASP baton, striking him [Nichols] several times on the right arm."

The incident was also captured on police bodycam video and on a street light camera.

NBC Connecticut has reached out to Mills' attorney to respond to the video showing him hitting Nichols with a baton, but hasn't yet heard back.

Nichols was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Mills is one of five officers indicted for allegedly assaulting Nichols.

Mills was fired following the deadly encounter. He and four other Memphis officers are expected to be arraigned next month.

Two more police officers have been disciplined and three emergency responders have been fired in connection to Nichols' death, officials said.

Nichols is expected to be laid to rest on Wednesday.

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