5/5: Films and Fiestas

ON THE CUTTING EDGE:  Who doesn't love a good movie?  How about a whole week filled with them.  Tonight in Danbury (and every night through May 9th) you can check out some of the best in independent films at the Connecticut Film Festival.  Every year, the festival has brought fresh, cutting-edge independent cinema to the hat city.  We've got loads more on the highlights of the film fest, including some of the movies being featured.  Or you can click here for a full run-down of the week's events.

RED LETTER NIGHT:  There are precious few holidays out there, with a specific date right in the name.  And when one comes around, we should do everything we can to celebrate.  Today is Cinco de Mayo, which has deep cultural and historical significance, but for our purposes, it's all about the fiesta.  There are all sorts of things you can do tonight to join the fun.  For instance, you can head to Agave starting at 11:30am in Hartford for an eclectic menu of modern Mexican favorites, tequila and a bar scene that can only be described as caliente.  Or, make your way to East Hampton and Angelico's Lake House.  Their Cinco de Mayo Tequila Party includes plenty of Mexican specials and music by the "World's Smallest Quartet" (No, they aren't incredibly short.  It's just a duo that likes irony and the Three Stooges).  6pm-11pm.

TOTAL CLIPSE OF THE SUN:  Since the early '90s brothers Pusha T and Malice (cruel mom right?) have been making critically acclaimed hip hop as Clipse.  The duo became one of the first acts to be associated with the Neptunes (and Pharrell Williams).  They scored a record deal and hit the charts with "Grindin'."  But while they continued to win approval of the critics, they refused to become over-commercialized, major label Hip-hop novelties.  And over the last few years, they've been making the music they want.  Tonight at Toad's Place in New Haven, you can see what Clipse has been working on.  They'll be joined by Freddie Gibbs, XV and Ninjasonik.  Tickets are $25.  9pm.

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