Bristol Boys “Got Talent”

Fly By Night juggling duo gets a shot at the big time

It seems Connecticut's got talent!  The hit NBC show "America's Got Talent" will soon feature a juggling duo from Bristol. 

They call themselves "Fly By Night" and they love to throw machetes, fire and chainsaws during their act!  In fact, Ryan Dekoe and Stephen King will throw just about anything at each other!

The two met in the 5th grade and have been juggling together ever since.  They took their hobby to the professional level 10 years and say it was a dream come true.

"Our show is 99% prewritten but there is always a little bit of improvisation and the ability to get each other laughing.  Its always a good show when I can get Ryan to laugh unexpectedly," said Stephen King.

Two of their most popular crowd pleasers include King's fire-eating skills and Dekoe's "head staple."

"We get injured occasionally.  It's part of the danger, the presentation, the fun," said King.

The two have traveled all over the world and performed locally at Hartford's First Night and New London's Sailfest.  The say their experience on "America's Got Talent" has definitely been a highlight of their career so far.

"It was a great experience and hopefully just the exposure alone will help out our career," said Dekoe.

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