Brunch, Boating and Katy Perry in Mystic

This is Get Out of Dodge, where we lead you to the best places to Eat, Shop, and Play just outside of, yes, Dodge.

Mystic is famous for grizzled sailors, tall-ships, penguins, and pizza. If you're making a weekend venture to the sleepy seaport town from Fairfield County, chances are you're not going for the eggs. (This weekend, depending on your speed, maybe you're going for the Wooden Boat show or to ogle the blue-haired bombshell Katy Perry.) Regardless of your main travel incentive, a trip to Kitchen Little, an authentic seaside breakfast shack just outside of town is imperative—and for our money, reason enough to make the trek. On offer? Blue and white checked plastic tablecloths, an open-air view of the harbor, and one crazy gluttonous breakfast sandwich. [The Feast]

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