UConn Dairy Bar Facing Major Changes

Ice cream is one of our guilty pleasures of summertime that we try to hold on to for as long as the warm weather permits.

With the last few weeks of mild autumn climate upon us, it is almost time to break out those unflattering puffy Northface jackets and Uggs. It is only natural that we need to get our final ice cream fix before it gets too cold!

With the line usually out the door and wrapping around the parking lot, the University of Connecticut’s Dairy Bar is the favorite ice cream for not only UConn students, but for Connecticut residents, as well. Home-made fresh on-campus, the ice cream essentially goes, “from cow to cone,” according to Dairy Bar's assistant manager. 

But what do you do after waiting on-line for what feels like eternity only to find out that the beloved ice-cream flavors you have been craving are not available? This is a problem that Dairy Bar-goers have been facing.
Since last winter, the UConn Dairy Bar has been upgrading its equipment, producing only about 60 to 80 percent of its usual ice cream supplies. Legendary flavors such as Jonathan Supreme and Husky Tracks have not been available, which has been causing a major upset to customers.
“On a recent visit to the Dairy Bar, the missing flavors included chocolate chip cookie dough, toasted almond amaretto, cake batter and mint chocolate chip, one of the most popular flavors,” Daniel Fletcher, head of the Animal Science department who oversees operation of the Dairy Bar, told to the UConn Daily Campus.
In addition to the disappearance of patrons' desired flavors, the “tempering-cabinet,” which houses other dairy delicacies such as ice cream cakes and sandwiches have broken down, according to Fletcher.
“I went to the Dairy Bar to get my favorite comfort food, cake batter ice cream with Oreos on-top, and they didn’t have it. My next choice would have been one of those flying-saucer ice cream sandwiches, but they were all out of those too. I hope the Dairy Bar gets their issue fixed soon because I want my ice cream,” said UConn senior Rachael Rosenberg.
With renovations underway for new Dairy Bar equipment, management hopes that the repair will be a timely one. Ice cream enthusiasts will have to settle with a new favorite flavor for the time being.
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