“Family Guy” Disses Bridgeport

Cortesía: Departamento de Policía de Peoria.

As Brian the dog predicted, Family Guy writers might be getting a lot of mail from Bridgeport after blasting the city on last night’s episode.

Last night’s holiday episode mocked the city as the polluted home of Santa’s workshop. Inside the doors of an idyllic North Pole, there is a factory emitting black smoke.

“This cannot be it. This can’t be Santa’s workshop. This looks like Bridgeport, Connecticut,” Stewie said.

“Oh boy, get ready for the letters,” Brian mutters.

Flip ahead to the letter writer who, as the Connecticut Post reports, sounds more like he’s from Boston than Connecticut.

“I’ll have you know that Bridgeport is among the world leaders in abandoned buildings, shattered glass, boarded up windows, wild dogs and gas stations without pumps.”

The creator of Family Guy is Kent native Seth MacFarlane and he probably won’t be getting the key to the city anytime soon, but the show is getting attention.

People have been tweeting about it for the last 14 hours and Lennie Grimaldi blogged about it on Only in Bridgeport.

The hit from the television show comes after a tough year for the state’s largest city. Bridgeport was hit by a tornado, dealt with the tragic deaths of firefighters and ballot problems on Election Day postponed the gubernatorial race.

Mayor Bill Finch has been a champion for the city, with a mission to make Bridgeport the cleanest, greenest, safest, most affordable city with schools and neighborhoods that improve every year, The city is one of several in Connecticut to apply to be a Google Fiber community.

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