Conn. Woman in the Running for Best Job in the World

Hopes to get paid to live on an island

There are dream jobs, and then there's this job. Tourism Queensland (as in, Australia) is looking for an "Island Caretaker." 

And a woman named Sandi from Connecticut is in the top 50 spots for the job. 

Sit down for this part:  The caretaker will be paid $150,000 in Australian Dollars, which is more than $95,000 in U.S. currency.  For a six month job.  Living on Hamilton Island. And you spend your time exploring the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.  As for what you do... we're not quite sure. 

Sandi Makes Her Case

In her audition tape she clearly plays to their sense of decency, dancing around in snowy Connecticut wearing a bathing suit, life jacket and fur hat.  She must be poor and cold, we hope the judges will think. She also pleads for them to "please take me to my paradise."

More than 34,000 applied from 22 countries. That was narrowed down to the top 50. And of those, Sandi was hovering in the 21 spot on Tuesday.

The top 10, plus a wildcard candidate, will get a trip out there to woo the judges.

To vote for Sandi (with the hopes she'll pick one of us to go with her), click here or you can vote for someone else. But don't delay, the polls close March 24.

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