Negotiation Personalities in Real Estate

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As a real estate agent, one of my responsibilities is to assist both buyers and sellers with negotiations. This is usually one of my favorite parts of the job because it entails doing research, providing advice, and formulating positions and strategies for my clients. Then I have conversations with the other party’s agent to see if we can get the buyer and seller to come together. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Because real estate agents are actual people (shocking, I know), we all have different personalities and, with that, different negotiating tactics and methods. Most “play nice” which makes it easier. By “playing nice” I don’t necessarily mean rolling over and letting the other party walk all over them. I mean “acting professionally.” This actually helps set the stage for people coming together. In my experience, I would say this happens in the majority of instances.

But then there are the behaviors that are just downright painful. Yelling. Name calling. Having your cell phone called 12 times in 5 hours from 4 different phone numbers by 1 agent to see if your clients are ready to respond to an offer yet. These have all happened to me personally. No joke on the phone call one. That was a GREAT day.

So what type of negotiator is your agent? Are they a deal facilitator or deal poisoner? You might want to have a conversation with them to try and find out if you find that you have opportunities that just don’t seem to be coming together.

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