Skulls at Grave Site Are Human

A grieving family found skulls filled with blood-stained paper last week

A grieving family at a Bridgeport cemetery made a bizarre find last Friday when they found two skulls. But it's an even more gruesome situation because tests on the skulls revealed that they are human.

Elda and Iris Hernandez were visiting their father's grave at a Mountain Grove cemetery when they found two skulls stuffed with eight strips of what appeared to be bloodstained paper, each with a person's name on it. Family members did not recognize any of the names.

The state Chief Medical Examiner's Office says the skulls are human. One skull is from a female and the other belonged to a male. The skulls are quite old, the medical examiner said.

The skulls were dug up from a grave and further testing is needed to determine who they are, police said.

It seems these are not the only skulls to be unearthed and turn up in Bridgeport.

In June, narcotics officers were investigating a house and found a skull in the basement. That skull was also human. State officials are conducting an anthropological review to figure out the sex and age of the person and when he or she died. 

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