In Love With “In Love With Cheerleaders”

Cheerleaderitis sounds like an illness suffered by one who is addicted to using pom poms to chant and cheer at football games -- a Cheeraholic, if you will -- but it is actually part of a song written in admiration of cheerleaders.

“I’ve dated a lot of cheerleaders, I guess I just have a thing for them,” says rapper and local radio personality Prolifik. That was all the inspiration he needed to create his version of a cheerleaders anthem entitled “In Love With Cheerleaders.”

“I just love their spunk and of course their outfits,” he explains.

The cheerleader-inspired spoof song has been getting a lot of airplay on radio station Kiss 95.7 where Prolifik is also a radio personality with a specialty show called “In Tha Cypher.”

Rapping for over six years, Prolifik originally stayed away from happier songs, opting to do a more socially conscious style of rap.

“I realized it was okay to have fun and do happy songs, that you don’t have to be so serious,” he explains. So to prove that he could be a happy rapper, last summer Prolifik spoofed singer T-Pain's hit song “Can’t Believe It” with his own version entitled “Broke.”

“I like to show that I do have a bit of humor,” he says.

For more on Prolifik, visit his website

P.J. DeCordova-Boyd is a writer for and an on-air personality at Kiss 95.7 FM. 

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