Name the Big E's Really Spicy Hot Dog

If the term "hot as Hades" doesn't scare you off, give this a whirl.

Folks at the Big E want your suggestions on what to name one potent hotdog and they’ll reward the person with the best one with gratitude, free tickets and some of those very spicy dogs.

Should you take on the challenge, you’ll be naming a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with spicy coleslaw and "hot as Hades" jalapeno peppers and liberally sprinkled with hot peppers.

Scared by something known as "hot as Hades?" Don't be. You just need some creativity.

"We have high hopes for this hot dog, which joins another new tubular treat for 2011 we're calling the New England Dog which is wrapped in bacon and slathered with baked beans and cheddar cheese," Sue Lavoie, vice president of Eastern States Exposition, said  in a written statement.

The naming competition, called The Dog That Bites You Back Contest, starts on Aug. 12 and ends Aug. 18. You need to have a Facebook account and “like” the Big E to take part.

It models the Facebook feedback used to name the Craz-E Burgers a few years ago. (You know, the bacon cheeseburger on a glazed donut.) A Big E fan from Buffalo, New York won that one. Let’s supply the winning entry from Connecticut.

The Big E runs from Sept. 16 to Oct. 1. If you sample the spicy fair food, send us a photo of you taking a bite and it could wind up in a slideshow.

Another extreme food heading to the Big E is Deep Fried Kool-Aid, which has been a big hit at some California state fairs this year.


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