OREO to Send Mini Cookie Package to Falls Village Households to Celebrate Small Towns

If you live in Falls Village, you may be getting a special delivery of Oreo Mini cookies soon.

OREO has chosen Falls Village, Connecticut as one of 50 "tiny, wonderfilled towns" to highlight, one in each of our 50 states, as the OREO Mini "celebrates the little things" with special cookie deliveries to each household, according to a news release. The nationwide deliveries began on Monday.

While the big cities in the United States are the most likely tourist destinations, OREO is showing some of the nation's smallest cities some love by way of the mini OREO packages. As OREO puts it, "it's not necessarily how big you are, but what's inside that really matters."

The towns on the OREO mini cookie delivery list were chosen based on population and the number of households in order to identify some of the nation's smallest towns, according to an OREO spokesperson.

"We tried to be as generous as possible when looking at Falls Village's city limits while staying within the town's footprint to pull the home addresses," according to the spokesperson.

OREO is also inviting customers to send custom Oreo Mini packages to friends, family and coworkers for the little things they do.

“At OREO, we truly believe that it’s the little things that make life special, from little gestures to little places,” Janda Lukin, senior director for OREO at Mondelēz International, said. “We thought OREO Mini was the perfect token to recognize and celebrate those special little things in life that have big impact. OREO Mini Deliveries are our way of saying a little thanks to the people and places who help put a little bit of wonder into the big world every day.”

Each pint-size package will include an OREO Mini and a note from the cookie company, according to a news release, seemingly coming from OREO's  fictional store Mel's Mini Mart, featured in a recent marketing video as "the tiniest mini mart there ever was."

OREO will make 500 "Oreo Mini parcels" available each day through Monday Aug. 22 as part of its "360-degree mini marketing campaign." OREO turned 100 in 20012.

More information is available at OREOMiniDelivery.com.

Are you a Falls Village resident or have you ever been there? Tell us what you love about the small Connecticut town or your own small town.

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