Single Showers, Bring Me Flowers

A broken heart is hard to mend... gifts help.

A break-up is no fun. Whether it's a "summer lovin', had me a blast" or a Bennifer-style break-up, re-entering the singles playing field after being committed in any sense isn't the easiest transition. Luckily, most of us ladies have a strong group of girlfriends to keep us off the cliche "Where's my Cherry Garcia, my fat pants and the first six seasons of Sex and the City?" path. One new idea that crossed our way lately, is the idea of a break-up party. Kind of like a "Single's Shower." Not the "shots of tequila until every guy is potential re-bound guy" party. And not the "burn all pictures and dance around the fire" kind of a party either. We'd say more like a "let's get you back on your feet" situation. And who doesn't like the opportunity to be showered in gifts? Break-up, shmake-up!

MY ACHY-BREAKY HEART: If you want to splurge for your forlorn friend, Pamela Love's edgy and elusive (we think it almost looks like a roast turkey) Human Heart Necklace ($385, on sale from $550USD) hangs on a 17" hammered sterling silver chain, aorta and all. While the idea of a weathered-silver replica of an organ might not appeal to all, your girl will probably be so thrilled it's not another lovey-dovey cartoon heart that she'll love it for it's "real" and unique value. Plus, it'll remind her that although her metaphorical heart might be in temporary tatters, her real heart is as solid as silver and still beating.

GO WINE ABOUT IT: Head over to the Connecticut Wine Festival this weekend (8/1 & 8/2) in Goshen.  At the gate, $25 buys you 20 wine tasting tickets and commemorative souvenirs to cherish the weekend that you found your favorite local wine of choice, not the weekend you forgot what's-his-face (although, 20 vouchers later, it's bound to happen.) The lovely ladies of Bristol's Gold's Gym will be working the grounds, passing out t-shirts and handing out tickets, so if anything, chatting up with any one of them should motivate you to get your butt to the gym for serious post-break-up cardio.

TABLE FOR ONE: Some may argue that being in a relationship can make you gain weight. Of course when you go out to eat more and you start eating like the guy you're dating, you can't always expect the best results. However, nothing compares to the weight one is at risk of gaining after the big break-up. Save your girlfriend a lot of strife and keep her away from the fast-food blues and get her a gift certificate to Dream Dinners, with 7 Connecticut locations. At DD, she can sign up for a session, show up, and be dazzled by the staff as they show her how to assemble the precut ingredients they provide her with into a delicious - and nutritious - meal. She leaves with a baking pan full of next week's dinners and who knows, since the sessions serve an entire class, maybe a dinner date. 

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