The Bomb Will Not Drop in Danbury

Two-Day Music Festival moved from WCSU

Snoop Blurb
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The B.O.M.B. (Bring Our Music Back) Fest 2011 is bringing together some of the biggest, most influential acts in music and the festival needs a bigger venue to do it because it's expanding. 

The festival was supposed to take over the Festival Fairgrounds at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury on May 28 and 29.  But instead, reports the New Haven Register, you'll have to find your way into Hartford if you want to see the likes of Snoop Dogg, Weezer, Neon Trees and George Clinton.

With just weeks to go, the leadership at WCSU told organizers that they felt uncomfortable with the anticipated large crowds. 

“We worked with the university every step of the way,” Frank Bombaci, organizer of the B.O.M.B. Fest told the Register.  “They got a little concerned with the capacity and the traffic issues.”

So, Bombaci, and the other organizers put their heads together to find an alternate venue. 

After considering three different venues, the decision was made to go with the Comcast Theatre in Hartford. This will be the first time the Comcast Theatre is hosting a non-profit event and, Bombaci said, they have "really embraced the event."

The B.O.M.B. Fest has been growing ever since it began as a one-day event in 2009. A portion of the proceeds will help support the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and Connecticut Children's Hospital. 

Tickets, which start at $99 for general, two-day admission, officially go on sale Tuesday. 

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