We’re Talking Naps, Not Laps


EXCUSE US, WE'RE WORKING OUT: When we first read about the Zeo, a sleep monitor and headband duo that grades your quality of sleep each night, we couldn't help but laugh: What if you fail? However, a bit of research later and we were fully intrigued. Not only does the Zeo monitor your sleep cycles and provide you with a quality-quantitative number cutely called a ZQ each morning, its online counterpart coaches you on how to get a better night's sleep based on your results. Deemed the 7 Step Sleep Fitness™ Program, the Zeo whips your sleeping patterns into shape based on your own personal day-to-day habits. The Zeo also claims to provide a gentler more efficient wake up call, avoiding nudging you out of bed during that much needed deep sleep period.

BUY IT: Order the Zeo online at MyZeo.com, starting at $199.

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