Save the Lobsters, Save the State

Save the lobsters, save the state. OK, not quite, but the Speaker of the CT House said supporting a program that tags female lobsters helps the industry.  

A first-year program aimed at revitalizing Connecticut's lobster industry is working. Speaker of the House Jim Amman and the Lobstermen's Association met at the capitol Wednesday to tout the "V-notch" program.

Amman spearheaded the million-dollar funding for the program which put students to work, as they learn the lobster industry.

"The lobster V-notch program in its first year was a great success, the students were on the boat, they came out, they've witnessed what we do, they were a great part of it. I know that in these hard economic times it’s hard to get money anywhere but it would be a shame to lose this program,” said Bart Mansil of the Lobsterman’s Association.

Under the V-notch program, female lobsters are notched and thrown back in the water, giving them more time to breed. The lobstermen also receive compensation for each notched lobster.

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