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Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven Shut Down For Not Following COVID-19 Guidelines

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Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven was shut down by city health officials after violating the state’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

City officials saw a video of a large party which was allegedly held Thursday night, according to officials. The facility was also supposed to have a party tonight, city officials told NBC Connecticut.

"We are alarmed and concerned that the sector rules were completely ignored. People's lives matter," New Haven Health Director Maritza Bond said in an interview.

City officials said the facility was given three warnings before ultimately shutting them down.

The videos were egregious enough that regardless of whether Anthony's had warnings previously, they would still shut down, Bond said.

"Some of the violations that we witnessed in the video was no mask, dancing on the dance floor, full DJ, drinking alcohol without serving food. Those are all clear violations of the governor's order," Bond explained.

There are capacity concerns at play, as well, Bond said.

Anthony's was not fined and they can appeal the decision.

There is a process in place for when establishments are shut down.

If it's for a sector rules violation, "what we [officials] require is a corrective action plan where they're going to address and ensure that they're going to remain in compliance and agreeing if they violate that corrective action plan that I can revoke their license," Bond said.

Once the corrective action plan is to COVID task force satisfaction, the task force goes back out and conducts a reinspection to ensure any issues that officials are concerned about are all in compliance.

The city said Anthony's is the eleventh business to be shut down during the pandemic.

After Thursday's COVID-19 cases showed a significant increase, Bond said the city wants to make sure that establishments are in compliance. Officials said they are doing other spot checks and they will be doing inspections all weekend.

The city of New Haven receives complaints all the time and Bond said they take every one seriously.

"We take each complaint serious so if someone decides they want to do an anonymous complaint, we still have to follow through with that complaint," Bond said.

"To disregard individuals lives, it is just a blanket disrespect to health," Bond said.

Anthony's Ocean View has not yet responded to NBC Connecticut's request for comment.

A Fairfield pub was recently fined and shut down after violating state COVID-19 gathering size restrictions and face-covering guidelines, police said.

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