COVID-19 Testing Troubles? State Investigating Concerns at Local Lab

NBC Universal, Inc.

NBC CT Investigates has learned of testing concerns involving a lab performing COVID-19 tests across Connecticut.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health confirms it has an active investigation of COVID-19 testing by Genesys Diagnostics in the Oakdale section of Montville. The agency said it cannot share additional details at this time.

The lab insisted it did the right thing late last week when it discovered the problem, and it is fixed.

Genesys said it told the DPH about a "DNA extractor," a key piece of equipment that broke down, as soon as it happened this past Friday. 

The company tested thousands of samples for COVID-19 a second time, including those for a half dozen long-term care facilities in Connecticut.

The lab said when it compared the results from the tests it ran over the weekend versus the ones done with the machine that broke, there was no change in the results.

A Genesys spokesperson said every lab has to deal with a machine breaking down occasionally, adding this has happened to other labs in Connecticut as well.

Genesys recently signed a contract to perform COVID-19 testing for arriving passengers at Bradley International Airport.

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