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Connecticut's COVID-19 Test Positivity Rate Hovers Around 6%; Deaths Continue to Climb

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Connecticut's COVID-19 test positivity rate is hovering just above 6% ahead of the Christmas holiday, according to the latest state health department data.

The state reported a 6.08% test positive rate on Wednesday from 1,745 new coronavirus cases on 28,699 tests. Four less active hospitalizations were reporting bringing the current total to 1,155.

As members of Congress like Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have documented themselves getting the COVID-19 vaccine, many people are wondering why politicians get to cut the line ahead of health care professionals and other frontline workers. NBCLX's Noah Pransky discusses both sides of the debate.

However, deaths continue to climb in the state. 33 more deaths were reported just since Tuesday bringing the state's cumulative total death count to 5,735.

The governor's pre-Christmas Eve briefing came as he and other health officials warn Connecticut residents of a possible surge in cases after the holiday. The governor has urged people to stay home and not hold large gatherings during the holidays.

"I'm concerned," Lamont said.

Lamont said he is worried about what the December holidays and New Year's might mean for the COVID-19 numbers in the state.

"I'm scared you're going to go down to Fort Lauderdale" have a party and then fly back, the governor said.

He said he does not see any need for additional restrictions.

Vaccine Administration Update

The governor said 16,487 doses have been administered in the state as of Wednesday with 76 locations administering vaccines this week to health care workers.

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