Hartford to Close Some Streets Near Parks to Maintain Social Distancing

NBC Connecticut

The city of Hartford will be shutting down some streets near parks next weekend and will step up enforcement to maintain social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 100 Hartford residents.

"We have hit that tragic number in the past day and my heart goes out to every family who has lost a loved one, to every family affected by this virus." Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said on Tuesday,

The mayor said he is concerned that people are getting complacent about the virus after seeing crowds out this weekend and he begged residents to continue to take safety precautions, not only for themselves, but also for others.

As some businesses prepare to reopen, Bronin said, wearing a mask, keeping a distance from others and washing your hands frequently will be as important as ever.

"Please think of those more than 100 people in our small city who have lost their lives. Think of their loved ones and think about what you can do to help keep another family from losing their loved to to this virus," Bronin said.

The mayor also urged people in need of emergency care to seek it and not wait to get help to avoid going to a hospital.

The number of cardiac arrests in Hartford and the number of deaths from cardiac arrests have increased significantly, Bronin said,

"I know that we've been asking everyone to stay home for your safety and I know that some people are worried about going to the hospital because they think that presents a risk of getting the coronavirus, but if you're at risk of cardiac arrest or of any number of other health conditions, your risk is far greater if you decide not to seek medical care than if you go to the hospital. ..." Bronin said.

The hospitals take the precautions, he added

While the number of new hospitalizations is going down, "we are very, very far from being out of the woods. This is still a deadly virus. It is a widespread virus. It is highly transmissible and for so many of our friends and neighbors and fellow residents, it can be fatal," Bronin said.

Bronin held the briefing outside the Hartford Public Safety Complex.

He was joined by the city's fire chief and health director.

The city has been distributing PPE to small essential businesses and gave out 3,700 pieces of protective equipment to 100 small businesses.

On Tuesday, the city is distributing 3,800 pieces of equipment to 94 small businesses.

The mayor urges essential businesses with fewer in need of the equipment to visit the CT COVID-19 Response website, register and provide information on your needs.

"If you meet those criteria, there's at least two masks per person, per employee, available and we'll be coordinating that distribution," Bronin said.

During the event, the city will also provide an update on it's PPE distribution efforts.

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