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Social Distancing Scorecard: Where CT Placed From March to Now

CT is showing improvement from its "F" rating from roughly June through September.

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For weeks, we’ve heard the warnings about social distancing and having a toned-down Thanksgiving. Did it make a difference when it comes to COVID?

We won’t know that right away, but it does appear people did approach the holiday with at least some caution, according to a company tracking our travel patterns.

Connecticut has an up and down history since a company called Unacast developed its social distancing scorecard for each state back in March.

Connecticut-based CEO Thomas Walle explained how his company made the index.

“We collect a large amount of location data from cellphones in which we aggregate up to certain insights and one of those insights is the social distancing scorecard," Walle said.

At first, Connecticut was doing better with the social distancing in March and April, with the state garnering an average social distancing score of a “C” on a scale from “A” to “F", “A” being the best.

Then, the warmer weather came.

“What we saw over the summer and this was, this was the same for the whole U.S., was that mobility patterns both in terms of how much we travel as well as the number of stores that we visited, really got back to almost normal levels," Walle said.

That brought our state social distancing score in the “D” to “F” range.

But there’s good news. Connecticut has rebounded.

“Connecticut has still like an “F” from June till September, October, but recently now in the last weeks, and most likely due to the surge again of the virus, we’ve seen that Connecticut has now moved from an “F” to the “D” of our grades,” Walle said.

Since that interview just before Thanksgiving, our state has improved even further.

Overall, Connecticut has now garnered a “B+” for late November.

Besides the state by state social distancing comparisons, Unacast has it broken down county by county so you can have a better idea how it’s going where you live.

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