Stafford Motor Speedway

Stafford Motor Speedway Hosts Inaugural SRX Series, Guests Can Get Vaccinated

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This weekend marks the beginning of a new national racing division in Stafford Springs. The inaugural SRX series is set to kick off Saturday with some well-known drivers.

One of the drivers participating is Michael Waltrip who is a two-time Daytona winner.

"It's just a chance to celebrate and say this is cool and America is coming back," said Waltrip. "This is another chapter, another way to say I don't know if I'm going to do this many more times but I'm going to live it up."

Another big name competitor is Helio Castroneves who just recently won the Indianapolis 500.

"It's so much fun and what an honor to be with so many amazing drivers here and the team and the SRX family," said Castroneves.

The racing series also represents a bounce back for sporting events and the state's tourism industry.

"This is going to help us jump start the tourism industry and our economy and we couldn't be more optimistic," said Christine Castonguay, the state's interim tourism director.

State tourism leaders also mentioned that the industry is responsible for $2.2 billion in tax revenue and supports over 123,000 jobs in the state.

"This is a big deal but you really want to come because it's fun, it's exciting and it's great for the kids," said Governor Ned Lamont.

While care engines are revving up for the inaugural SRX series, so are Griffin Hospital workers to get COVID-19 vaccines into arms.

"At an event like this, we might do a couple hundred [vaccines] and our view is that's 200 people who wouldn't have gotten vaccinated," said Patrick Charmel, the President & CEO of Griffin Hospital.

"We believe it's worth the effort and we have 35 vehicles with a team of four to five individuals who will be going into small and larger venues to boost those vaccination rates in the state," he continued.

Throughout the summer, Griffin Hospital will be going to speedways, amusement parks and beaches to improve the vaccination rates.

According to Lamont, the speedway is 152 in the state when it comes to vaccine rates which is why he, along with state leaders, are targeting those still on the fence.

"Griffin is going to have their vaccination vans here, it's going to be free for anybody who needs it," said Lamont.

Those who stop by to get vaccinated will also have the chance to get a food voucher which can be used inside the speedway.

Vaccines were given out Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., according to Griffin Health.

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