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Wallingford Middle and High Schools Will Soon Be Completely Remote Into 2021

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Today parents in Wallingford find themselves on different sides of the fence as the district's board of education unanimously voted to move the high schools and middle schools to all remote learning beginning Monday and through Jan. 19.

Sheehan High School has already been remote since Nov. 3 because of staffing shortages.  It was only supposed to be for two weeks, but it was extended through this week due to more staffing issues and now into 2021. 

These changes come amidst growing concerns over the uptick of COVID-19 cases but everyone isn’t on the same page.

"Yeah we are very afraid," said Nereida Mejia, whose son is a student at James H Moran Sr. Middle School. 

She said both she and her son understand the change.

"He feels a little bit sad because he cannot do things and what he was doing before but now he understands we have to be very careful in everything, like keep your mask on very well and wash your hands," she said.

Marisa Allanson see's things differently, as the mother of three students has some concerns.

"My son has been doing distant learning. He’s in high school for a couple weeks now and he just doesn’t pay attention as well," she said.

She went on to express the difficult balance of being a working mom while having kids at home.

"I work from home but it is hard to work from home and manage three different kids on three different meetings and I understand the parents who can’t stay home and of course you’re concerned," she said.

Although the elementary students will continue to report to class in-person the superintendent said they are keeping an eye on cases and that could potentially change in December.

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