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The successful approach for addressing community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic has become the pairing of local organizations with influence and the expertise and resources of Hartford HealthCare, according to system President and CEO Jeff Flaks.

The latest example, he said, is a commitment by the quasi-public organization Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) to fund a $400,000 grant to support HHC’s mobile COVID-19 testing efforts. The award was announced at one of the mobile program’s stops, the First Cathedral Church in Bloomfield.

“It has never been more clear – the importance of community partnerships,” Flaks said. “They make an enormous difference.”

Flaks said Hartford HealthCare’s mobile units offered testing at more than 150 locations across the state in July, in addition to tests conducted at the system’s eight permanent sites. The mobile units, he said, are essential to bring COVID-19 testing into vulnerable communities where people might not be able to get to a fixed site. The mobile units, for example, visit churches, schools, community centers, homeless shelters and nursing homes.

For more information and locations on COVID-19 testing, log onto HartfordHealthCare.org/Testing

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