3 Charged After Buyer Swindles Craigslist Seller: Police

East Windsor police have arrested three people accused of swindling a Craigslist seller out of money by giving him counterfeit cash.

Officers responded to the parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts, at 1 Thompson Road, on Monday to investigate a problem with a Craigslist transaction and met with a person who had been scammed a week earlier and was afraid of being scammed again.

He told officers he had sold an Apple laptop to a man in Enfield about a week early and the “buyer” gave him $800 in counterfeit cash.

When he went to sell another Apple laptop through Craigslist on Monday, the same man showed up to buy it and the seller was worried the man was going to give him counterfeit money again, so he called police, police said.

Officers and detectives who responded searched the buyer’s car and found $1,800 in counterfeit cash, two Apple laptops, 11 plastic baggies with marijuana and two U.S. passports belonging to people who were not there.

Dezmond Bonds, 24 of East Hartford, was charged with first-degree forgery and conspiracy.

Tamra Fields, 29 of East Hartford, was charged with first-degree forgery, conspiracy, possession of marijuana and illegal sale of marijuana.

Dorian Johnson, 22 of East Hartford, was charged with first-degree forgery, conspiracy and possession of marijuana.

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