40 Aminals Removed from One-Bedroom Apartment

The Montville dog pound is filled to capacity after 40 animals were found inside a single one-bedroom apartment.

Police were called to the Mountain View Apartments after a neighbor complained about a strong odor. Inside, they found the animals. Many of which were malnourished and sick.

“It was a little overwhelming,” animal control officer Christian Martel said. “My first concern was getting these animals in a cleaner better facility.”

The apartment has been condemned and the owners could be charged, police said.

“I could not imagine something terrible like that. The neglect is disgusting,” neighbor Rafael Lespeir said.

So far, two of the animals had to be euthanized, but the town is trying to get the rest of the animals adopted.

The pound is providing shelter for cats, a dog, birds, snakes and other animals. One guinea pig and several birds were already adopted.

“My goal is to find all these animals a great home before Christmas,” Martel said.

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