6-Year-Old Girl Nearly Drowns in Dayville

A 6-year-old Connecticut girl is in the hospital after she nearly drowned in Killingly’s Alexander Lake on the Fourth of July.

“I think the whole issue here of the potential tragedy yesterday,”  Avery Tillinghast, who held his own party on the lake Tuesday, said.

Tillinghast said the child was a guest at his daughter’s party a few houses down from his.

Authorities said tragedy was averted thanks to the quick thinking of a nurse who administered CPR to the little girl. Police have released few other details about led up to the incident. They’ve said the girl was taken to the hospital but her condition is unknown.

"A lot of prevention has taken place but this incident will certainly make people more aware of that type of potential issue," Tillinghast added.

Parents know how important life jackets are but experts said it shouldn’t be the only line of defense against drownings.

“Parents, spend the time to make sure if your young children are in the water that you’re in the water with them and when you’re swimming in a lake or on a beach, choose a beach or a lakefront that has a lifeguard,” said Kevin Borup, the associate director of the Injury Prevention Center at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

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