9-Year-Old Girl, ‘Mad About Madeline', Succumbs to Cancer Battle

Madeline Guarraia, who was only nine years old, died on Wednesday after a nearly 5 year battle with cancer, her Facebook page created by her family said. 

"In bed with her mommy, holding hands and listening to nature sounds, she passed away ever so peacefully in her sleep with a slight smile on her face," it said on the Mad About Madeline Facebook page.

On Tuesday, a post read that Madeline seemed more "peaceful" and that there were "more signs that her body is getting tired."

Madeline was an honory member the of Waterford Police department. She lived in East Lyme but since her parents are Waterford teachers, the department arranged a special day after learning she loved police officers and police dogs. 

In March, Madeline helped the Waterford Police Department patrol the streets

"After 5 years of fighting, she is now forever cured," the post read.

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