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Basketball Brawl Breaks Out in Simsbury



    Fight Breaks Out at Simsbury High Basketball Game

    A brawl broke out between adults in the stands at a game between Brien McMahon and Simsbury high schools. (Published Wednesday, March 12, 2014)

    What started as your average high school baksetball tournament game took an unusual turn when a fight broke out during the game, and parents got in on the action.

    It happened Tuesday evening during the a first-round CIAC Class LL Boys Basketball Tournament game as Norwalk's Brien McMahon Senators took on the Simsbury High School team for a close game.

    But midway through the fourth quarter a fight broke out!

    Simsbury police said the skirmish involved adult spectators from opposite teams. No one was injured and no arrests have been made, but students say it was a sight to behold.

    "It was the adults!" said Simsbury High student Sabrina Goldberg, who performed with the dance team during halftime at the game. "It was such a serious game, and the boys were doing such a good job. And then the parents are over there fighting."

    Police say there were no injuries and no arrests were made. But tweets from inside the gymnasium captured the event in real time.

    "It was just shouting at the beginning and then guys started punching," tweeted Simsbury student Doug Barnard.

    Kevin Eustis recalled on Twitter that his mother, the assistant principal at Simsbury High, "had to grab one of the men involved in the fight. He had to be escorted out of the game."

    "When the game was playing they just stopped it in the middle," said Simsbury student Maria Galle. "It got too much out of control."

    Simsbury School Superintendent Matthew T. Curtis said he was disappointed and confirmed the game was stopped because of the commotion in the stands.

    Curtis added that staff members like the assistant principal helped break up the fight, and police were called because there were no officers present.

    "I think [the adult spectators] should never have done that," said Shakara Hill, a student at Simsbury High. "It was just a game for all the students, and that ruined the fun."

    Simsbury High School Principal Neil Sullivan sent a letter to parents today addressing the altercation.

    The school is also looking into why some students cheered offensive remarks about the opposing team after the fight, which police say is still under investigation.