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Free Smoke Alarm, Free Pizza for Bridgeport Residents



    Free Smoke Alarm, Free Pizza for Bridgeport Residents

    A free smoke detector and a pizza.

    That's what Bridgeport firefighters and the mayor are offering Wednesday as part of its free smoke alarm program, the SafeAsleep Campaign, in efforts to save lives.

    Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and the city's fire department are partnering with Domino's Pizza on Main Street as part of the initiative.

    Firefighters will go door to door and residents who can prove they have a working smoke detector will be given a free pizza order. Firefighters will install new smoke detectors in homes that don't have working alarms and those residents will also get free pizza.

    Nonprofit RYASAP has installed more than 42,000 free smoke detectors in Brideport homes over the past decade, according to Bill Kaempffer, spokesperson for the Bridgeport fire and police departments.

    “Our smoke detector program has absolutely saved lives,” Mayor Bill Finch said in a statement. “We know of at least 200 cases where people were alerted to a fire in their homes by smoke detectors provided and installed by the city. This program is an investment in keeping kids and families across our city safe, and it’s money well spent.”

    The fire department also visits schools to promote fire safety and SafeAsleep to pass the message about the importance of smoke detectors along to parents and distributes fliers to residents about the program.

    “This program is about keeping people safe,” Bridgeport Fire Chief Brian Rooney said. “And some people get their dinner for free on top of that. We want to create awareness. The hope is the neighbors will come out to check out the commotion and schedule appointments themselves for free smoke detectors.

    Residents interested in a free smoke alarm can call 203-335-8835 for more information about the program.