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Gas Prices Hit $4 in Connecticut

Gas costs more than $4 per gallon in Bridgeport.



    Gas Prices Hit $4 in Connecticut
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    Gas prices have been rising and the average price for regular gasoline in parts of Connecticut is already over $4 per gallon.

    Gas prices have gone up by 20 cents in the last week in Connecticut, AAA spokesman Aaron Kupec said, and there are several reasons for the surge.

    “Unrest in Egypt, some refinery issues in Philadelphia, New Jersey and St. John, Canada; and also, it’s a busy time of year to be driving a car,” Kupec said.

    It appears that prices we have not seen the end to rising gas costs.

    “I think in the short term, we’re going to see gas prices continue to increase and then after that, because there are so many different factors that go into the price of gasoline, it’s tough to predict,” Kupec said.

    Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with Gas Buddy, told NBC News that the Northeast is a” hot spot” because a “couple of key refineries look as if they have some operational difficulties.”

    The increase in prices also come just weeks after the gas tax in Connecticut jumped.

    The Bridgeport area has the highest prices, where the average is $4.072, according to AAA’s Fuel Gauge.

    In other parts of the state, the price is lower, but approaching $4.

    In Hartford, the average price is $3.988, while it is $3.991 in the New Haven-Meriden area and $3.986 in the New London-Norwich area. 

    The highest price on record for regular unleaded gasoline in the state was $4.495, set in Bridgeport on July 8, 2008.

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    AAA recommends a few easy things to make sure you can more mileage for your money.

    Drive during cooler parts of the day, avoid long warm-ups in the morning, and use the air conditioner.

    The national average price of gasoline in the country is $3.669 per gallon and other states are feeling the pain, too. Connecticut has the fourth-highest average price for regular gas in the country behind Hawaii, Alaska and California.