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Religious Groups Encourage Health Care Enrollment



    A Glastonbury church brings the discussion of healthcare to its parishioners. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013)

    On any given Sunday, you'll hear a sermon, a prayer and a message about health care at the Buckingham Congregational Church in Glastonbury.

    "Trying to get people involved in the conversation, educated, and now it's in outreach mode," said Pastor Lindsey Levenson.
    Buckingham Congregational is one of several churches and religious groups around Connecticut working to get people to enroll in health care plans under the Affordable Care Act.
    Even the church's secretary, who had been uninsured for decades, signed up. 
    Last week, Betz signed up for a health insurance plan through the state health exchange with the help of Michele Mudrick. She she's relieved.
    "I haven't had health insurance in over 20 years," Betz said.
    Mudrick is with the Christian Activities Council based in Hartford. She's been going to churches around the state, including her own, helping people sign up for health insurance.
    "We have folks in our church who are under-insured; who don't have health insurance," said Mudrick.
    It's not just about reaching the parishioners in church, it's also about reaching those in the broader faith-based community.
    "Spreading the word to their cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews," said Mudrick.
    She adds that parishioners seem less intimidated in an atmosphere that they're familiar with.
    Rev. Levenson said it's also about a higher calling and helping neighbors who are in need.
    "Beyond just reaching out to realize in doing that you realize how connected you are," said Rev. Levenson.

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